Air Flights To Belize

air flights to belize

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  • A country in northeastern Central America, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea; pop. 272,000; capital, Belmopan; languages, English (official), Creole, Spanish. Former name (until 1973) British Honduras

  • a country on the northeastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean; formerly under British control

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  • Belize (formerly British Honduras), is a democratic constitutional monarchy, and the northernmost Central American nation. Belize has a diverse society, comprising many cultures and languages.

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Storm on the coastal flight : Belize City to Placencia : Belize

Storm on the coastal flight : Belize City to Placencia : Belize

So I flew into the big ATL from London Friday night....... stayed at Matt's place...........went to bed at gone midnight ........ thats already 5AM UK time......... but I have to get up again less than 5 hours later at 5-30AM ATL time..... to get back to the HJ Atlanta Airport to get on a flight that appears to be leaving on time.......... I have to run across the tarmac in absolute pouring rain to get on the plane............... at least I have been upgraded..... we leave the gate but then hang in a delay line of aircraft waiting to take off in the mega rain........ after over an hours wait the captain tells us the good news is we are around 20th in line to take off........... Half an hour later we are finally in the air........ flying down to Belize City.

As soon as we climb out of the gloom of the storms around Atlanta we are in sunshine and three hours later we are taking a steep banking approach making the amazing view of Belize City and its bay totally breath taking. Candy Baker (Ed-made up stripper name surely?) who is an American woman who moved to Belize 8 years back was raving about the place sitting next to me ........ she said the popular tale about Belize City is that the peninsular on which it stands is built up of dead bodies and rum bottles....... as it is a pirate city of old.

So we had missed our connecting flight........ so we were hanging in the 'cage bar' at the airport for the next flight....... then when that one is further delayed Tropicana Airlines starts buying us more drinks....... you are getting the picture Belize is kind of laid back.......

Anyway finally we are taking the tiny little plane down the coast to Placencia.......... it was amazing....... I was sitting in the copilots seat up front as we skirted the coast in sunlight and looked inland to amazing storms......... it was one of the most enjoyable exhilarating flights I have ever taken. I shot the picture above as we flew past this mighty storm.

Dax our host and his crew were at the airport to welcome us and take us back to the Maya Breeze ........ a relaxing beer on the beach watching the sun go down no sign of the storms....... then Dax himself cooked amazing fresh lobster......... As a travel day goes....... they don't get much better than that........ but you know I was glad to go to finally go to bed early...........


Tropic Air - San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Tropic Air - San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Our History

Founded in 1979 by Johnny Greif III with just a single airplane and 2 employees, we now employ over 200 people and offer over 180 daily scheduled flights throughout Belize and Flores, Guatemala.

Our Fleet

Tropic Air operates a fleet of factory new Cessna Caravans equipped to carry passengers and their baggage.

air flights to belize

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